Where I’ve been.

Straight out of college, I worked in the game industry for over a year. I initially thought of my career as a continuous trajectory of moving up to bigger, more prestigious, and well established game companies as I slowly gained seniority. However, I quickly became disenchanted with the idea of working under any company. Being told exactly what to do and repeating the same narrowly specific tasks that presented little in the way of challenges and critical thinking lost its appeal early on. So a few months ago I began brainstorming what game I wanted to make on my own.


Where I’m at.

I mucked around with UDK for month before deciding to switch to Unity 3D. If I was going to spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of a software, I figured Unity 3D would be a better payoff in the long run. I conducted market research, studied successful indie games, sales figures, development techniques, read up on all the dev blogs I can find, watched every interview with every developer, and so on. Meantime, I filled my notebook with pages and pages of ideas for story and gameplay mechanics.

Needless to say, at some point much of this turns into mental masturbation. The best thing I did was to begin prototyping a game in Unity and building on it little by little everyday. I’m 2 and a half weeks into that process and so far I’m excited with the direction it’s going. I was dabbling with creating a first person exploration game but after realizing how many of those were cropping up all at once I decided to ditch it and start afresh. The prototype I’m working on now is at a very rough and primitive stage but I plan to dress it up in time for submission to Indiecade next month!